the beginning

Every story has a beginning. Ours just so happens to have been a very long beginning. Many would even say that our beginning happened many years before our story actually started. Here’s a brief synopsis… Boy likes girl. Girl puts boy in friend zone, for a long time. Girl realizes what a goon she is, and after a moment of clarity (jealousy and tears), girl chases boy. We’ll start there.

The whole clarity thing. Many of boy’s and girl’s friends like to claim the fame of putting reality into perspective for girl… and boy. They shall be encompassed as a whole, a wonderful whole. After a night out on the town with boy and other friends, girl begins to realize that boy is no longer interested.

Girl connives a plot. This plot involves a trip to Tallahassee to see boy and girl bffs, where boy must travel with girl. Girl’s interests are peaked. Boy, girl and bffs play a game of tag on the playground. Manatees come to say hi in droves. Girl’s heart melts, all of her childish dreams have flashed before her eyes in this very moment. Girl falls for boy. Fast. Boys feelings grow. Boy gets accepted into a fire department in Texas. Boy has to move in two months. Oi

Fast forward 4-6 years, boy is hubby and girl is me. Hi. anddddd welcome to our adventures

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