Retrospect: Summer ’15

Impact: to have a strong effect on someone or something

Summer 2015: impactful

It all started with my birfday… Let’s paint the picture…

I had an interview for a kinder position at the school I’d been assisting at. I studied for this bad boy. The horrible interviewer was transformed into a ninjaviewer.

Interview is over. I get home to our adorbs apartment downtown, to a bunch of words written in chalk “happy birthday”. I get inside, and there’s silence. I see a nerf gun, and a message to prepare me for battle. Boyf and I battle to the depths. I win… Jk I probslost

We go geocaching on the Riverwalk. I get a phonecall saying I got the yob. Best birthday ever.

Few weeks later…

I’m flying back to Florida to hang with one of the most impactful families in my life for a week. After, I go on a mini vacay with me familia. We stay in a cabin. We get attacked by a mouse. Twas adorbs

We get home in time for me to meet with friends before I fly back to Texas the next day. My girlies come over, insisting we get takeout when all I wanted was poke from another restaurant. My Shell is being all extra about getting done up before heading out. She’s gifted, so I think nothing of it. I make sure my Ems gets her makeup done too. I say bye to my mommy. I go in to say bye bye to my daddy. He had changed from his tee into a tropical button up. I ask why. His other shirt was dirty. No more thought of it.

We leave in the Juke to head to the restaurant. We pass the exit, Shell again acting all extra about her seatbelt. I’m freaking and saying “urrmmm you missed the exit”. Again, extra. We get to the culdesac across the way (that has a walkway to the river). She stops. I look at her with crazy eyes. “Um, Shell. Why are you stopping, your seatbelt cannot still be stuck.” “Oh my gosh, what is that?!” I turn my head to see the chalk. again. -‘Jess, our adventure awaits’ Whaaaaaaàaàt. I look at everyone in the car. I start tearing up. Shell forces my synapses back to life and I go find out what the h is going on. Low and behold, my Jeff flew his hiney to Florida to put a ring on it. All of the days weirdness makes sense. We get back to my house to find my parents, tropical shirt and all. (My dad already ruined one huge surprise, so he was a nervy nelly to not ruin this one)
We fly home togedda. Sneaky boy got a seat on my flight and right next to me. He’s good.

We’re not done, Colorado bound for a backpacking adventure on the Four Pass Loop. Yah, we elected to spend four days hiking 4 mountain passes with all of our belongings on our back. Sounds like a pain. Twas the best experience of life thus far( until babe of course).

And that’s it. The summer of 15. The most impactful summer of them all. That’s all for now folks. Until next time❤

the beginning

Every story has a beginning. Ours just so happens to have been a very long beginning. Many would even say that our beginning happened many years before our story actually started. Here’s a brief synopsis… Boy likes girl. Girl puts boy in friend zone, for a long time. Girl realizes what a goon she is, and after a moment of clarity (jealousy and tears), girl chases boy. We’ll start there.

The whole clarity thing. Many of boy’s and girl’s friends like to claim the fame of putting reality into perspective for girl… and boy. They shall be encompassed as a whole, a wonderful whole. After a night out on the town with boy and other friends, girl begins to realize that boy is no longer interested.

Girl connives a plot. This plot involves a trip to Tallahassee to see boy and girl bffs, where boy must travel with girl. Girl’s interests are peaked. Boy, girl and bffs play a game of tag on the playground. Manatees come to say hi in droves. Girl’s heart melts, all of her childish dreams have flashed before her eyes in this very moment. Girl falls for boy. Fast. Boys feelings grow. Boy gets accepted into a fire department in Texas. Boy has to move in two months. Oi

Fast forward 4-6 years, boy is hubby and girl is me. Hi. anddddd welcome to our adventures